Services Offered:

Residential Organizing: Organizing closets, kitchens, garages, children's rooms, home offices, etc.

Office Organizing & Process Improvement:
Creating file systems, identifying process improvements, logging and organizing supply rooms, creating process flows, logging SOPs

Downsizing/Purging: Sort Items, help identify keep/toss, organize donations, provides support through the process, or purge specific areas like your wardrobe, pantry, etc.

Combining Households:
Help identify duplicates, make suggestions on which items to keep/toss, provides a third party impartial opinion (reducing arguments)

Light Staging: An affordable alternative to full staging, uses what you already own with small additions to create an attractive space to potential buyers, makes recommendations on ways to depersonalize the home before putting on the market

Moving Services:
purge items prior to packing, organize packing process and boxes, create easy to follow organization plan for homeowners, movers, etc. create day one ready plan

Estate Services:
We help your sort and coordinate the sale or donation of unwanted items as well as provide the physical and emotional assistance through the process.

Working with People with ADD/ADHD: Create an ADD/ADHD friendly organization system and help provide focus and direction during the process.

Electronic Organizing: Purge email clutter, create files for miscellaneous documents, help you get organized using your technology to its full potential.

Personal Assistant/Concierge Services: running errands, scheduling appointments, or fulfilling other commitments, concierge services to help you stay on top of your day.

Holiday Organizing: create shopping list, budget, meal plans, wrap presents presents, decorating your home, personal shopping, prep home for guests, address Christmas cards, etc.

Financial Services:
help you with organizing your finances and getting your payable/receivable entered.

Organization Coaching/Consulting: helps you set goals, provides plan, homework and assistance, then holds you accountable

Public Speaking: Book Cristina Kida of SOS for a private speaking event.

Hoarding: We work with hoarding on a case by case basis
Photo Organization: Convert hard copy photos into digital format, and organizing hard copies for storage.
Services Coming Soon!

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Logging and Organizing Collections: Coming Soon

Virtual Organizing: Coming Soon

Senior Services: Coming Soon

Home Organization

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